The Other Side of Christmas

With Christmas comes joy and cheer.  Families and friends gather to enjoy each other’s company, to remember the birth of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, and often times exchange gifts.  This can bring much joy as well as great anger and tears.  I have experienced both.

Since Christmas my two midgets have been in an on-going battle…playing with the other’s favorite toy.  Evan received Buzz Light Year from the Big Fat Guy.  It was the perfect gift seeing how my son makes us watch Toy Story at least once a day.  Christmas Day he wouldn’t let that thing out of his hands.  He ate both meals with Buzz, as well as napped and slept with Buzz that day.  And since that day my daughter has used her ability to run faster and her strength to torture her brother by taking Buzz away.DSC_0726_2

Not to be out done, said son has decided those tiny pet shop toys his sister, Sarah, got from Santa must be pretty cool.  Taking cue from his older sister, Evan has engaged in thievery.  And so the battle ensues.  Loud screams are registered as is my ever growing headache.  You would think his arm had been cut off by the sound of the bloodcurdling scream which is magnified by two tiny tight fists and a stretched out, shaking body.  It’s a thing of science how quickly Evan’s face goes red.

Just as every moment counts when talking someone off a ledge or speaking with a surrounded bank robber, I must act fast.  Using the timer  and misdirection work a decent amount of time.  I don’t have a mega phone so occasionally I have to use a slightly elevated “teacher voice” (to put it nicely) which I’m pretty sure puts the neighbors on edge.  Bribery I’ve found works better.  Surprise.  Surprise.  Thank you Christmas for developing this oh so precious hat.


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