The New Kissing Game


IMGP1909So my husband and I are movie buffs.  To the bafflement of my father, we watch a movie more than once.  Seriously!!!  We cycle thru all the Harry Potter, Indiana Jones, Back to The Future and Lord of the Rings Series every year.  Watching movies or our favorite tv shows is our thing.  However, it doesn’t leave much space for cultivating a relationship where we are constantly learning more about the other.

A few weeks ago, my husband shared with a co-worker that he hadn’t a clue what to get me for Christmas.  I’m apparently hard to shop for  because I am simple and let’s face it- cheap.  I’m not flashy, don’t require expensive purses, dresses, jewelry, etc.  I guess I require more thought.  Tough life, right?!   Back to the point, the co-worker responded, haven’t you been married for 8 years?  Shouldn’t you know by now?  I know right!  This really hit home with my husband.  He decided we needed to truly get to know each other more and do more than sit in front of a t.v. with our cell phones or laptops.  But how does that fit in with our favorite past time?

Make a game of it.  Put down the cell phone.  Don’t pick yours up because he has his.  He’s probably thinking the same thing- “Well, if she’s on her phone than so can I.”  Sit by each other.  Heaven forbid you actually cuddle to watch a movie.  Is it me, or does that just magically go away once the promise of sex has been fulfilled?  But that’s a topic for another day.

So, last night we popped in our Netflix movie- San Andreas.  Fitting seeing how we are 10 minutes from it.  Jonny sat in the recliner playing Star Wars and checking Instagram.  I sat on the opposite couch, also on my phone.  We joked about how horrible the movie was, laughing at how incredibly unrealistic it was, the cheesy one-liners and its predictability while simultaneously engaged on our phones.  That’s when it hit me- a game. Let’s turn this movie into a game.  Every time there was a cheesy scene or one liner we would have to give each other a kiss.  Jonny was game.  We both put our cells down and he came over and snuggled.  It was like when we were dating and just had to be touching.  It was nice.  We had some fun and got plenty of kisses in.

Why am I sharing this you ask?  Because we all need to unplug and enjoy a little time with someone special.  It’s the little things like making fun of a movie together that bring you closer.  Try it!  Maybe next time, you can up the anties; like each time there’s a corney line or scene you lose a piece of clothing.  Just make sure the kids are asleep and the doors are locked.  Enjoy.

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