Bribery. Reward. Tomatoe. Tomato.

When you are the mother of three young kids under the age of four, you do what it takes to survive. My oldest, Sarah is a very spirited 4 year old. She is a stubborn, sassy, 21st century spitfire. Good luck getting her to do something that she doesn’t want to do. She and I tend to butt heads often. I hate being that yelling mom but let’s face it we all do it. I’ve used my teaching strategies- redirection, timers, accountability charts, proximity and more with a varying success rate. Additionally, I’ve read blogs and magazine articles about parenting a strong-willed child.  Let’s just say  I use a lot of if/then statements.  I really try to allow her to make choices after clearly defining the positive and negative consequences of each.
What I’ve come to find is that my daughter has many sides. Yes, she is incredibly strong willed, but also kind, empathetic, helpful, creative and imaginative.  I love the kind, helpful sides of my daughter and want to see them more.  So I praise like crazy and reward/bribe when Sarah demonstrates positive attributes like helping with meal prep and execution, completing her chores, loving on her brother, etc.  Little miss has worked towards and received stickers, art supplies, an Elsa Barbie doll from her Grandma Baugh and recently some fun puppy boot socks. #BootLinerSock
Sarah was pretty stoked about the socks. They are adorable, warm boot liners that fit perfectly in her Hello Kitty rain boots.

Bonus- I received them for a heavy discount (a little under $2) in exchange for a honest and unbiased review. Sarah liked the grey and white spotted character. I quite enjoy the peace of mind that comes from knowing that I can let her play outside and she will be warm. I also love that the ears have a tag that say left and right. It’s great for word recognition!  20160104_144120And if they can’t read, kids can figure out which boot is which by matching up the white ears to touch. Even if I didn’t get the product discounted, I would have bought them.  They can be purchased at

Wow…got a little off topic there.  What’s the point?  Bribery, or what I term as getting your kiddo to work towards an obtainable goal, is not a bad thing.  If it means less contention in the home then by all means go for it. We’ve got to spend less time worrying about what others may say or think.  Do what you have to do to survive and if possible thrive.  Items from the dollar store aren’t going to break our budget.


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