COR Hand Crafted Genuine Bamboo Sunglasses


You are going to love these sunglasses.  The second I opened them my husband snatched them away and commented on what high quality they are.  The lens are good quality, crystal clear and slightly tinted.  The bamboo is quite soft and smooth to the touch.  Needless say, my husband is a little jealous.  Seriously, I love my bamboo sunglasses.  They are super cute, light weight and eco-friendly.  Another cool feature is the weather resistant bamboo case it comes with.  In the item description it said that they float in water.  I had to test it out just because that seemed cool to me.  They totally did. If you are looking for some awesome sunglasses for outdoor activities both on land and water than these are for you.  Here is where you can find them:   or simply click here. #CORHandCraftedGenuineBambooSunglasses

I received this product at a discount in exchange of a fair, honest and unbiased review.


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