Angel Baby Car Seat Travel Bag Review

I am super excited about the Angel Baby Travel car seat bag. I’ve done a decent amount of travel with the car seat and it’s quite frustrating how dirty it gets and scuffed up it gets.  The airlines really don’t care if they dirty or scratch up your car seat. For the price we pay, you would think our luggage and such would be taken care of.  So since they suck, people like you and me need a travel bag to keep our stuff safe and clean.

12669934_10153790605686043_366172983_oThat’s why this bag is awesome. Its big enough to hold an extra large car seat, is made of decently thick waterproof material, has a hand strap as well as a shoulder strap for easy travel and when not in use it compacts nicely into a little pocket pouch. It also has a name and address section so to the bag for peace of mind. If you travel a lot with your car seat I would just leave recommend this item.

12632834_10153790605441043_353480572_o**With that being said, the one drawback I did see was the drawstring doesn’t close the  bag completely. There is a small opening the size of a quarter. I will just use a piece of duct tape to cover it. I received this product at a discount in exchange for a honest and unbiased review.


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