Weekly Review: FamFave Thermometer

b042aa1f9ba19dfae4d0cd1d600681e2594ea5fd_1This week I only have one item to share with you- #BestBabyThermometer.  The FamFave advanced digital thermometer is for babies, children and adults.  I so wish that I was asked to review it a few weeks ago when both my boys and I were sick. Sadly our last thermometer got covered in spilled medicine and sat too long.  It’s a goner.  Anyways, about the thermometer. It…..

  • FAST results – average 10 to 25 seconds – proven accurate in extensive tests – beeps when done
  • LARGE lighted LCD Display – visible in dark room
  • GUARANTEED – 100% money back – no questions asked directly from Amazon
  • Soft FLEXIBLE tip – painless and safe for wiggly kids
  • SAFE – No glass or mercury
  • WATERPROOF– even use it in the bathtub
  •  Portable – comes with plastic case for easy carrying in purse or diaper bag
  • Measure in F or C degrees (Push button switchable)

0c524167688bc0a91d055ca6ead62442d8e1013eMy favorite feature is the large display. It makes it very easy to read the temperature even at night.  The lighted background is what makes taking night time temperatures easy.  Plus, it’s a family business that guarantees their products.  Now, I’m not a fan of rectal readings. Yes, I know it’s the best but I can’t bring myself to do it.  With that being said, I’d be way more comfortable doing it with this thermometer than others I’ve owned.  Simply because it is super flexible and not hard. All in all, I’m happy with it.

Here’s a code for 50% off the regular price ($17.97) using the promo code DTT898DT
– pay the promo price of only $8.98  and  Prime members get free 2-day shipping

You can order here on Amazon!

I received this product for free in exchange for an honest and unbiased review.

Hang In There Momma

 12794479_1127330407297988_2695354613221122817_nPhoto by Jessica Gaines of Chasing Sammi Photography


To that momma struggling to hold back the tears and overwhelming feelings of grief and failure with breastfeeding, I love you.  Go ahead and cry.


 To that momma who is weighing the pros and cons of switching to formula, you are not alone.


To the momma who’s kid just won’t latch right, carry on.


To all of you, I promise it gets better.


thumb_thumb_DSC00725_1024_1024My Beautiful Daughter


I chose to breastfeed.  Unfortunately, it didn’t come so naturally and easy.  After I had my daughter, I quickly came to understand why someone may give up breastfeeding.


Breastfeeding is hard.


I went to a dark place after the birth of my daughter.  I was a postpartum mess as I dealt with strong feelings of grief, dismay and failure.


I couldn’t feed my daughter.  I tried and tried, then tried some more with little success.  My breasts were manhandled by way too many people as they each attempted to show me the right way to feed my midget; like they were a bag of frosting being shoved into a closed lipped, diabetic’s mouth. And I still looked 4 months pregnant.


I had very few feeding sessions that went well.  It was 45-90 minutes of confusion, frustration and utter despair.  I would try my best but my helpless little girl would tighten up and screech out in what I later came to realize was gas pain.  I felt like a horrible mom.  Why can’t I feed my own child?  What is wrong with me?  She can do it.  Why not me?


Photo by Jessica Gaines of Chasing Sammi Photography


It got to the point where my husband would get his worried look on his face and take Sarah away from me for a little.  “I’m gonna take her for a little.  Why don’t you take a bath?”  I’m still not sure if it was out of pity, fear or protection; either way I needed it.  With that came relief and then further guilt.  This new mom was getting her butt kicked. I even missed attending my sister’s wedding because I was such hot mess.


Eventually, I learned that Sarah had latch issues due to a mild tied tongue.  That combined with a fast and heavy let down gave little miss a great deal of gas and stomach pain.  I, being a new mom, didn’t know or recognize the signs of gas.  All I knew was that she couldn’t or wouldn’t eat. It wasn’t until my sister came to visit that she immediately noticed Sarah pulling her legs up- a classic sign of gas.  Where was she weeks before?  My poor little girl had suffered so much.  


My sister taught me what to look for and different ways to get the gas out. There is this one move she called that soda pop, where you lay your baby upside down, their back against your chest while you firmly massage his/her belly with you fingers, then quickly bring them right side up and push their belly against your shoulder and pat out a burp; or spit up in my case.  I also learned the miraculous power of gripe water.



I am proud to say I didn’t give up. I joined a breastfeeding class a week or two after Sarah was born and faithfully attending for a year.  The lactation consultant, Tracy Grady was my saving grace! She was so patient and supportive as were the other ladies in the group who would see me break down and over encouraging words and personal stories.  I joined mommy groups.  I bought lanolin.  I read.  I prayed.  I’m pretty sure I even asked my husband to give me a priesthood blessing.


With time, Sarah’s tied tongue stretched out enough and her latch got better. I learned to recognize signs of distress and a variety of ways to treat gas pains.  My favorite is the “I Love U” belly massage. Or is it the “Karate Kid belly massage?” You know… wax on wax off.  Either way, after three months of what seemed like endless tears, pain and sadness (on both our parts), depression and feelings of inadequacy, Sarah and I began to turn a corner.


I watched what I ate to avoid gassy foods. I endured bites, cracked and bleeding nipples, soreness, milk blebs (blisters on your nipples) ***sorry male readers for repeatedly writing nipples*** Luckily, I never got mastitis.  I went through a postpartum depression that my husband and I were not prepared for.  Poor guy.  I broke down in tears more times that I can count. But in the end, I endured and am damn proud of that fact.




I successfully breastfed my daughter for 16 months.  I fought a valiant fight and won.  But my accomplishment is not and should not be the standard.  Nor should it make someone feel bad about only breastfeeding  3 months or not at all.  To each their own.


What I can say is that I now completely understand why people throw in the towel or chose from the start to not breastfeed.  I almost gave up many times.  If I didn’t have my breastfeeding support group’s weekly meetings and their Facebook page (which I still frequent), supportive family, friends, and my ridiculously  inherit stubborn nature, I would have been right there with you and that would have been ok.


 12803002_1127330550631307_5888231372607010864_n Special Thanks to K. Crawford


Each of us must decide what is best for our kiddo and ourselves. For me it was breastfeeding.  In the beginning it was an emotional rollercoaster but so worth it.  In those quiet moments, where my daughter would peacefully drink as she looked up me with these beautiful brown eyes, I knew it was worth it.   When she would place her soft, small hand on my breast while receiving nourishment, I knew it was more than just food, but love and comfort as well.  All the tears were worth it.  All the pain, the sorrow, the heartache.  I did what I felt was right for my daughter and believe that both she and I were blessed for it.


I have since breast two other children.  Both sons breastfed from the start without a hitch. One still is.  And like Sarah, they too have in their own way shared their gratitude and love while breastfeeding.  Those moments when they briefly stop eating and smile (not just with their lips but eyes as well) remind me it is worth it and coincidentally encourage me to continue with David.  Someday my body will be mine again, but for now I’m perfectly content sharing it with my son.


For those mommas who are set to breastfeed and are getting their butts kicked, please know that I am with you.   I support you and believe that you can do it.

Weekly Review: Feb 15-22

This week I had the opportunity to review these three awesome products.  All of which I received heavily discounted or free in exchange for an honest review.

Saint Noir – Ultra Premium Womens Oliver Peoples Inspired Gold Metal Frame Sunglasses 100% UV Protection by #zooshoo


Ok, I know that some people may think that these sunglasses look a little silly but I quite like them.  They are whimsical and fun.  I like to think that I have enough character to pull them off.  Lens-wise, these are quality lenses.  Clear and clean.  Additionally, they sit comfortably on your nose and ears.  This is a big deal to me!  I hate sunglasses that hurt you to wear after 30 minutes.  If you’re in the market for a unique pair of sunglasses, these are for you.


Premium 3 in 1 Travel Bassinet by #BagyBed

12754966_10153820255581043_645808671_oI cannot describe how excited I was to review this product!  I mean, come on, it’s a diaper bag, portable changing station, and a travel bassinet.  That’s every mom’s dream.  As soon as the package came I opened it up, admired its unique design, and had it assembled in minutes.  It’s super easy to convert- no instructions needed.  I was quite impressed with the many pockets and storage compartments.  It has two insulated pockets.  One for baby’s bottle, another for mommy’s drink.  It also has seven pockets for all your the crap you have to carry when you have minions.  Best part- the pockets are accessible when BagyBed is transformed into a bed.  All my mom friends are jealous of me.  To here to view a video review of the product as well as an assembly demonstration.

MuscleRoller Stick by #liveinfinitely

12722168_10153820534976043_1093255303_oI love this roller as do my husband and kids. The padded grips on both ends are great. It is effective in soothing out aches and pains after a strenuous work out.  I’ve used it to increase flexibility, a pre workout stretch, for relaxation as well as pain and tension relief. The package included a free eBook going over various ways to massage your triceps, calves, feet, shoulders…pretty much anywhere.  It also gives you access to how-to videos. I would highly recommend this product.

Can I Have a Do-over?

Have you ever had one of those days that by 9:30 a.m. you’re wishing for a redo?

You just feel so incredibly defeated, frustrated and/or guilty?

That was me yesterday.  Need proof?  Look at the pic below.  Nuff said.



I don’t know what it was but I knew I had so much to do and I couldn’t motivate myself to do it which then in-turn created more guilt that basically crippled me.  I watched a movie the other day in which the main character claimed to be STRESS PARALYZED.  Now, I am fully aware that this is a made up thing.  But it should be real thing because that’s what I felt.

Maybe it’s the adjustment to being a full time SHM (stay at-home mom) but I mean come on…. it’s been 9 months or more.  I should have this down to a freaking art right now.  Theoretically, I do.  I have an awesome schedule.  I love my schedule!

Screen Shot 2016-02-12 at 10.39.44 PM

On paper it makes me look like I am so productive and well-balanced.  There’s activities for the kids and for me, structure, space to write in the week’s meals, to-do list, etc.  The problem is that I never remember to fill out the schedule until midway through the week; and then at that point I feel like I don’t want to have a paper that’s half empty so then I just put it off until the following week.  Thinking to myself, I’m going to do it on Sunday.  Sunday comes and goes, then Monday and Tuesday and then again I catch myself thinking: Crap, I never did my schedule.  Oh well.  It’s too late now.

Have you ever purposely added things you’ve already done to a checklist to check them off and feel good about yourself?  That’s me. Wierd I know.

Anyways, I’m trying but I haven’t quite got this whole schedule thing worked out.  I just need to get up and be like Nephi (go and do) but yesterday all I saw were the many things that needed to be done- play with my kids, clean my house, toys, fit in yard work, figure out a way to make money from home and then some.  Not to mention, I would like to keep up the blog that I started… that I love… that I haven’t been getting around to lately because of my responsibilities and tasks.

Everything all just comes at one time and in those moments all I want to do is sit there in a little ball and watch a chick flick.  Unfortunately, this is a dream because as soon as the desire takes root the four month old cries and then the mom guilt sets in.

I’m not taking care of my child.  Yes, he’s only 4 months but he needs his mom’s love and affection. Oh look he rolled over!!!  You’re such a big boy. Great, now he’s crying because he is now stuck on his belly.  Quickly, I go to roll his royal fatness over.  Wow, he’s getting really good at rolling over.  Ah, crap.  He’s stuck on his belly again.  Seriously, dude.  Please stop rolling over and getting stuck on your belly.

 And there it is …. the two and four year old are fighting again. What are they fighting over now?  Toys?  Food?  What?  A sticker.  Yup, it would be a sticker.  And now what are you doing?  Yes, let’s dump everything out of your dresser.  Clothes all over the ground.  Hey, why not?  Let’s just add it to the list of crap that needs to be cleaned and picked up.

Yes, yesterday was one of those days. By 9:30 a.m. I was hoping for a reset button.

The house was a mess and time was running out before I needed to take the oldest midget to preschool.  That’s when the pressure really hits.

For those who aren’t aware, I live in my childhood home keeping an eye on my parent’s place while they serve a church service mission as LDS Temple Presidents in Redlands, CA. I love my parents!  They are amazing parents. It’s great living close to them after living away from them for the past several years. Seriously, it is.  The downside- mom and dad live so close that they can and do come home whenever they feel like it.  As they should.

Don’t get me wrong.  This isn’t a bad thing in the slightest.  I love seeing my parents.  I have a great relationship with them and my kids love seeing their grandparents.  The fact that my mom completely spoils them; probably plays a key role in that.  It’s just that I never know if the house will be clean when they pop in.  It’s like there is an axe hanging over my head, not knowing when is going to drop.  If you are reading this, sorry dad.  I love you.  Please don’t tell mom.

It’d be different if they popped in unexpectedly at my own home.  If it’s a mess no biggie- it’s my mess.  But this is their home; with that comes a feeling of obligation to treat it well.  And so it goes.

Will the house be clean or dirty when they pop in?

Are they going to be disappointed that I can’t keep their home of 30+ years nice?  Will they have to start cleaning for me?  As the self-inflicted guilt sets in, I quickly make excuses and/or run like a chicken with my head cut off to get things put away or hidden.

Like I said, it is just a hot mess.  I’m a hot mess.

So yesterday, with little time left before taking little miss to school, I went around trying to hurry and clean the areas of the house I think they’re going to walk through if they come.  The goal- make the house somewhat presentable.

As I do so, I start feeling guilty that I’m neglecting my kids…but the house needs to be cleaned…but the kids… oh that floor…and the cycle goes round and round.  It’s exhausting being in my head.

And I fully admit, 100%, that it is all me.  My fault entirely.  I’m creating the drama in my head.  I’m probably making up issues that don’t exist.  However, said acknowledgment does not bring any peace of mind.

This kind of sound like the ramblings of a crazy woman.

Well guess what?  I am.

You would go crazy too trying to wrangle three midgets daily, while making three homemade meals a day, cleaning, taking care of personal and business finances and then some.


I’d like to say I got this and some days I do; just not yesterday.  So, what’s the game plan? What do you do when you are feeling done before the breakfast cereal even becomes soggy?

Make a conscious decision to change your mindset.  Then, make a game plan.

I feel more comfortable when my house is clean.  It’s nice; plus, it takes away the stress of what if my parents come home and the house is dirty.  So I did just that.  I quickly picked up the kitchen and vaccumed the carpet.  That way if my parents came home a dirty kitchen wouldn’t be the first thing they see.

Next, DECIDE TO MAKE AMENDS (with self and kids).

I took a deep breath and decided that I would do my best while Sarah was at school and be content with that.  I also apologized to my daughter for my behavior.  She and I spoke and agreed that if she had a good day at school then I would take her and her brothers to the park right after.

After stopping by the grocery store to pick up a few items, I continued on my “You can do This” to-do list which included feed brothers, put midgets down for nap, clean basement, and do some tax stuff.  If I could have those things done before I had to pick up Sarah at 3:30 life would be much better. I would be able to relax and let my kids be kids at the park without me stressing about all the things I should have done, didn’t do, and wasn’t doing at that time.

And I did.

I know you have had days like this.  There’s one lady I follow on Facebook by the handle Scissortail Silk.  She’s developed a whole community.  Reading her posts and other’s comments makes me feel less bad as a mom.  It’s nice to know that there are other moms out there going through the same things as me.  They have just as much love for their kids as I do.  Like me, they too occasionally want to just crawl in a hole and stay there.

We’re all going through the same struggles.  We all have those days where we want to reset an hour after waking up for the day but it is in those days we have to take solace in the fact that 1) we are not alone and 2) we are not the first to experience this.


I didn’t want my day to be ruined.  So I decided to stop wallowing, stop being frustrated and stop yelling at my kids.

I choose a few small things that I knew I could do and feel good about. My advice to you is to do the same.

On those days when you are feeling done, choose three things that you can do easily and well; then do it.  Don’t overload yourself.  Pick a few things.  Once you’ve accomplished one task (even if it’s a tiny thing like empty the bathroom trash) you’ll feel better about yourself.

When you take time to hang out with your kids (even if just for 5 minutes) and you hear them laugh, the mom guilt goes away and you feel rejuvenated.  With that renewed energy you can accomplish more.  Preaching to the choir right?  Hey, I’m learning along with you.

I’ll tell you what I tell myself.  It can be done.  We have all lived through rough days; sometimes by the skin of our teeth.  Nevertheless, we survive.  I believe in you and I believe in me.  Good luck.

**In case you are wondering where I find the time to write this.  I first speak my thoughts into a text or fb message then copy and paste to edit.  This is what I’m looking at as I start editing this post.  Those thighs!!!  I love my fat kid 2.0.


So You Want To Review And Then Some

Ok, so a bunch of you have asked me about the reviews I’ve been doing and how to join so this post is for you.

I love doing it!  It’s perfect for someone like myself.  I love shopping but can’t do much of it right now.  I love getting deals, love writing, am quite opinionated and enjoy being the center of attention.

Currently, I write reviews for:

Tomoson is a favorite of mine.  You apply for products to review and if selected post reviews on various social media sites.

AMZ Review Trader is similar to Tomoson.  You apply for products to review and if selected post reviews on various social media sites.

EliteDealClub is addicting.  You get a daily email at 6 am for sales that day. Sales go live at 7 am, 11 am and 5 pm pacific standard time. These items are heavily discounted or free in exchange for a review; but are limited in number so you have to act fast. Here’s an invite code if you want to join. elitedealclub.com/?invcode=V8H73bQ3

iLoveToReview sends you emails about products you can get for free ain exchange for an honest review.

Secret Deals Club also sends emails about products heavily discounted or free in exchange for a review.

My goal is in a year’s time to be reviewing (and keeping) cool items like cameras and making money off my blog that has hopefully more than the 5 followers I currently have.  In order to do so I need to build up my influence on different social media sites.

Do me a favor and follow will ya?  It’s on the sidebar on the right. You can also find me on Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest and Facebook.

This whole blogging thing is new to me.  But hey, I’m learning and growing and I quite enjoy it.  That’s why I joined Sverve a site that encourages you to “Share your blog posts.  Endorse others.  Learn from each other.  Grow your network.”

I have a friend from Indiana who makes money from her blog, What’s Up Fagans.  It’s her way to contribute financially and still be a SHM. Within 3 years she grew her blog into a money making tool, has spoken at public events and has been published on Amazon.

Katelyn suggested that I look into joining the Blogger2Businnes Facebook group.  She said it’s a pretty good one and helpful for new bloggers. She also suggested applying to join the Kid Blogger Network.  They also have a great facebook group.

Speaking of making money, I’ve found a few sites that join bloggers with advertisers.

Sponsored reviews

Advertise on blogs Basically, advertisers buy blog reviews from popular blogs, hobby bloggers and maybe one of mine someday.  I just activated mine so we’ll see how it goes.  I’m hopeful.  It will be pretty awesome if I can make a little dough for doing something I think is fun.

Blogsvertise is another site I joined recently which also promises to help you make money blogging. You sign up to blog for various advertisers or can make money by displaying ads and banners on your blog. It connects advertisers and bloggers.  “For example, an advertiser who sells cleaning supplies contacts us and informs us as to what type of blog they would be interested in advertising on.”

iConnect promises to help bloggers monetize their blog with sponsorships, sponsored posts, or ambassadorships.  Not sure if this is true yet but can’t hurt to try.

Like I said, I’m new to all this but like what I’ve learned so far. Hope you do too.