Weekly Review:March 27-April 2

This week I’ve ha the opportunity to review two products.  Each I received free in exchange for an honest review.

12922040_10153929435121043_1262290407_oThe first product is the #liveinfinitely Infuser Water Bottle! I’ve never had one of these kinds of water bottles and L.O.V.E. it. My go to is cucumber and lemon wedges.  It tastes great and is cleansing.  And for someone like myself who sucks at drinking water, this helped a ton.  Additionally,  I appreciate the design. It has a FULL-LENGTH infuser rod to put your yummy fruits and veggies. Plus, it is designed to be handy and spill proof.  It has a push button to open the lid and a metal ring to ensure that it doesn’t accidentally get pushed and opened. Unfortunately, my kids loved the pop top too much and kept pushing the button while at the park.  It still works but needs a little finger lift from me but it’s all good. The bottle also is thick, durable and can be handled easily thanks to the no-slip grips. I’m super happy with this product and stoked I got it.

12953053_10153945078501043_950112678_oThe second product I got to review is from #Aposon HP9591-Silver pal Dial Watch. My initial feelings were that this #Aposon watch looked so stink’n cool.  It supports two different time zones and in different formats- first dial with two circle coaxial rotary scales, second dial show time by analog.  It also boasts a high abrasion resistant glass surface. I just had to review it for my husband. And perfect timing- Easter was right around the corner. I was so excited when it came and then quite disappointed. The dual clocks is so stink’n cool and such an attractive watch with the stainless steal. However, when my husband took it out of the package to wear and the clasp immediately broke. These are his words- “very heavy, cheap leather and easily breaks.” Luckily, I was able to fix it within a few seconds. Personally, I think the leather is fine, but since the watch itself is so stink’n heavy, it wouldn’t hurt to put a thicker and possibly more durable leather on it. The watch itself is a total statement piece and looks great on men with large arms and hands. I still think it looks rad and would make a good gift.


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