Damn You Frozen!


This is me every freak’n morning.

Dang kids wake up at the crack of dawn thanks to the stink’n California sun.  Sarah has literally used the quote “The Sky’s awake so I’m awake.”

Is it bad to punch a 4 year old?

And Evan..he is no better.

Jonny and I are so done with the early morning wake up calls.  So when I was given the opportunity to purchase these #LuxuryHomesBlackouts ones at a discount in exchange for a honest review, I was like “HELL YA!”

I love them. They are the softest material and they do the job. I love the length and the tie backs that come with them. My favorite feature besides the vibrant color is that they can be hung two different ways (tab or rod).  I totally recommend them!

Here’s to not strangling my kids in the wee hours of the morning.


Now if only I could magically make the extra large furniture disappear 😉

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