This Week’s Reviews

I really enjoy being a product reviewer and influencer.  It’s a fun hobby and I get cool products at a discount or free.  Recently I’ve had the opportunity to purchase two products at a discount in exchange for a review.  Both rock!

13296112_10154059133851043_293862481_nI have leather couches and young children.  I want to keep the couches looking good so I’m pretty excited about this first product-  Leather Cleaner & Restorer.  Technically it can also be used on shoes, leather jackets, purses, belts, car interior…pretty much anything made of leather.  I mostly care about using it on my couch every quarter.

Before kids I could care less about #LeatherCare.  Now, I do.  I’m a fan of this particular brand because it is non-toxic.  Much needed for someone like myself with kids and a dog.  The restorer works great and makes the couch look shiny and like new.  I will admit though it takes time because of the pre-conditioning treatment.  Prior to using the product you have to clean/wipe down the couch with a mild soap and warm water then let it dry.  Once it’s dry you can apply the conditioner on the sponger and go full on Mr. Miagi. After, wait for an hour then use a dry cloth to rub/soak up excess conditioner.  That’s it.  I’m one happy camper.


I also purchased the #Meago Car Charger after a long road trip with not enough chargers.  Between that road trip and my husband’s constantly stealing and losing my car chargers, I was over due for a new one.  I’m a fan of it.  It works, isn’t too big and has two ports.  No more taking turns charging phones.

This is why I love reviewing products.  I get awesome products that are so helpful and needed as well as give insight to others.

Message or email me if you want to learn more about these products or becoming a reviewer.  BTW- I am in no way affiliated with either company.



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