Featured Product: AYL Soundfit Plus Speakers


In the past few weeks I’ve received several products to review.  The AYL SoundFit Plus Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker is my favorite!

Such freak’n awesome #AYLSPEAKERS. We spent the past few days outside bbqing, slip ‘n slidding, and relaxing with family.  These speakers proved their worth.  I put Pandora on my cell phone and connected it via bluetooth.  It could be heard all the way across the yard and I mean far; they have some acreage!  The volume is great and the sound is crystal clear.  It connects quickly too. A good and bad is that you can take calls from it.  It’s a nice feature but not when everyone and their mom is around to listen. But hey that’s easy to fix.  All in all it’s pretty awesome. Seriously, these are some quality speakers.  They are waterproof, light, holds a charge for 12 hours, has a range of 33 feet….AND A MANUFACTURER’S LIFETIME WARRANTY! Yes, please.

I’m stoked I got them for free in exchange for a review.  I love doing reviews.  It’s the best hobby!

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