Product Spotlight- Comfiy Mattress Protector

So I’ve been needing a new mattress cover for quite a while now.  The last one slightly melted in the dryer and had to go away. With three young kids 5 and under, a good waterproof mattress cover is essential. I’m really tired of scrubbing mattresses after one of the midgets have wrecked their havoc.

13958016_10154278263301043_7076601208594733473_oAnyways, I received an awesome waterproof mattress cover from #Comfiy in exchange for an honest review. As soon as it arrived I put it on my bed. It fit my matters and 2 inch memory foam topping just fine. No issues there. To test it out, I poured a small glass of water on the #Comfiy mattress protector. I had towels underneath of course. It passed. Woohoo.  The waterproof material underneath truly is is waterproof.  Click here to see a little video of a water test I did.

One annoying thing is that the protector makes noise when you move. This can be difficult if you are a light sleeper.  Luckily, I am not. Again, 3 kids 5 and under plus being a teacher will do that to you.  Also, depending on the sheets you have, they may slip off the cover. Mine did at the top corner and they are the soft slippery-type sheets. Nevertheless, I’m happy I gave this on my bed and feel a little more at ease letting the mights jump in bed with me.



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