Product Spotlight


I had the opportunity to review the Tactical Credit Card by #survivalhax this week.  The Tactical Credit Card is one of those unique stocking stuffer kind of items.  When I heard the word credit card I thought it would be much thinner.  This bad boy definitely will not fit in your wallet, but it is thin enough to fit pretty much anywhere else without annoying you.   There are some pros and cons.

I’ll start with the cons

  • Couldn’t get the toothpick out
  • Tweezers are pretty weak sauce and would deter serve as a toothpick
  • Not sure what you’d use the paracord for since it’s so little


  • Whistle is random but fun
  • The knife and bottle opener are for sure the best and will be used the most.  The knife sharpener and fire starting rod are also pretty useful.
  • It’s also nice that the card comes with a magnifying glass, compass and ruler built in.

Overall, I think it makes a nice stocking stuffer. To see my video review click here.



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