A New Favorite


Ok, all. I have a new favorite product.


iTrack is freak’n awesome. Seriously, where has this been all my life? It makes finding my keys that much easier.

Basically it is a bluetooth GPS tracking device that syncs with your phone. You can attach the tracker to anything you want (cell phone, camera, purse, or if you are like me….a child).


The connection is pretty good but again it is bluetooth so you can’t be too far from it with out disconnection. The cool thing is that when it disconnects it alarms. As you walk around searching, the app will let you know when you are getting closer. It’s like a game of Hot or Cold.

It even has a remote on the device so you can take a selfie.  No judgements here people!


There’s so much more I can tell you but I’d rather you just go to my video review to learn more.

If you want to also purchase an iTrack device, you can go to amazon or simply click this link.  I’m super stoke I got it at a discount in exchange for a review.

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