Product Spotlight

Hello all.  Here’s another product spotlight…the <a


A while back Jonny throw away the cargo carpet that came with the Xterra.  I had spilled some laundry detergent on it and took it out of the car so it could be washed.  Next thing I knew, the trash can had come and gone and my carpet was no where to be found.

Dang husband!

You don’t realize how awesome something is until you don’t have it…or until the chili you spent hours cooking has slid while making a left turn and is then spilled across the cargo/trunk area.  Or when you don’t think and throw your husband’s favorite blanket across the floor of the cargo so the dog won’t slide on the road trip.  Ya, pretty annoying.

Anyways, things have finally been made right as I installed my #SUVCARGOLINER… no more sliding around for Sukum or my food. Holla!

This bad boy is pretty yet heavy duty .  It’s also non slip which I totally appreciate seeing how I have a large dog and obviously a slippery cargo/trunk space.  I got the extra long one (106″Lx55″W) that hangs quite a bitten when attached to the first row seats. I’m one happy camper.



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