Hi, I’m this guy!  And this is my family.


My name is Courtney.  I am the mother of three crazy minions and married to a sports fanatic and Lakers junkie.  I am 32 years old, BYU Alumn and returned missionary (served LDS mission in St. Petersburg, Russia).  I come from a very active family in both the community and church. I taught elementary school for 6 years and am attempting to start an in-house preschool in 2016.  

I enjoy baking, cooking, photography, sewing, crafts, singing, dance, playing sports and the outdoors.  Like Snoopy, I love sleep.  Unfortunately, I don’t get much of it.  Additionally, I enjoy writing; which I’m assuming is a by-product of having an English professor as a Father. Hence this blog.

Like everybody else, I wear multiple hats.  I write a blog about my many hats- hostage negotiator (mother), wife, counselor, educator, maid, medic, friend, seemstress, and more.  My blog also features great product reviews and give-aways.

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Welcome to my world!

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