Ten Awesome Learning Sites and Activities

I love teaching; especially my kiddos.  Hence, Pinterest has my heart.  Some of the most amazing activities are on there.  There are also some pretty dull ones.  To save you time, I’ve compiled a list of a few favorite sites and activities.

  1. Bath Tub Paint– I did this with my daughter and the two boys I babysat.  No fighting.  Only happy kids for over 30 minutes.  It was amazing!
  2. DSC04505.jpg2. Shaving Cream Fluff– Great sensory activity

3. Borax (loved by teachers and parents alike)

4. Colorful Chemical Reactions-Grab a baking dish and fill it with baking soda. Drop vinegar dyed with food coloring onto baking soda. It’s awesome.

5. Sea foam – Just make sure to have towels or a picnic cloth if doing this activity indoors.  Sarah loved it!

6. Nurturestore has a list with links to 100 activities that are amazing!

7. Excavating Dinos- Just freeze mini vinyl dinosaur figures in a regular balloon. Remove egg from balloon.  Provide spoons, toy hammers, or kitchen mallets to dig the dino out.

8. Oobleck– Literacy, Science and fun.

9. Pre-K printables and educational activities

10. Ms. Carole’s blog has some wonderful pre-k activities. A favorite of mine is the Musical Ball.

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