Photography Tips: Tried and True

So, I love Pinterest!  I have tons of articles, tutorials, blog posts, etc pinned on my Photography board.   In reading these articles, I have found common themes and tips.  I learned from church that if something is repeated often the it’s important and you should remember it.  So when I kept seeing the same advice, I took it.  I now share them with you. Please keep in mind I am an amateur photographer.  The pictures below are from various years, taken with different cameras and lenses; many have not been edited.

Tip #1: Get to know your subject. Spend a few minutes talking with your subject.  During that time pay attention to what draws a smirk or makes them laugh.  If you tell my daughter to smile she gives some weird cheese smile.  In order to get a sincere smile from her I bring up her cousin, Jared, who she has a crush on.  You can tell the difference in these two pictures.

Here are some more shots I got after bringing up her crush. I love the smiling eyes.

By the way here’s a picture of Jared.  You can almost feel the love. HeheIMG_25051

Tip #2: Show your subject items they love like candy and toy for solid eye contact and excitement.  Candy works best for my kids.

Tip #3:  Capture the moments that highlight their personality and documents what makes them special and unique.  I try to worry less on staging and focus on the little quirks my kids have.

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Tip#4:  Remove distraction from the background to focus attention on the subject.

Tip #5: Try different angles. Also, remember it’s ok to cut part of the face off. Change the perspective and get a completely different picture.

Tip #6: The rule of thirds.  Divide your shot into thirds vertically and horizontally.  Position your subject along the grid lines for an interesting and balanced look.

Tip #7: Capture the beauty around you.

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