Product Spotlight

Hello all.  Here’s another product spotlight…the <a


A while back Jonny throw away the cargo carpet that came with the Xterra.  I had spilled some laundry detergent on it and took it out of the car so it could be washed.  Next thing I knew, the trash can had come and gone and my carpet was no where to be found.

Dang husband!

You don’t realize how awesome something is until you don’t have it…or until the chili you spent hours cooking has slid while making a left turn and is then spilled across the cargo/trunk area.  Or when you don’t think and throw your husband’s favorite blanket across the floor of the cargo so the dog won’t slide on the road trip.  Ya, pretty annoying.

Anyways, things have finally been made right as I installed my #SUVCARGOLINER… no more sliding around for Sukum or my food. Holla!

This bad boy is pretty yet heavy duty .  It’s also non slip which I totally appreciate seeing how I have a large dog and obviously a slippery cargo/trunk space.  I got the extra long one (106″Lx55″W) that hangs quite a bitten when attached to the first row seats. I’m one happy camper.



A New Favorite


Ok, all. I have a new favorite product.


iTrack is freak’n awesome. Seriously, where has this been all my life? It makes finding my keys that much easier.

Basically it is a bluetooth GPS tracking device that syncs with your phone. You can attach the tracker to anything you want (cell phone, camera, purse, or if you are like me….a child).


The connection is pretty good but again it is bluetooth so you can’t be too far from it with out disconnection. The cool thing is that when it disconnects it alarms. As you walk around searching, the app will let you know when you are getting closer. It’s like a game of Hot or Cold.

It even has a remote on the device so you can take a selfie.  No judgements here people!


There’s so much more I can tell you but I’d rather you just go to my video review to learn more.

If you want to also purchase an iTrack device, you can go to amazon or simply click this link.  I’m super stoke I got it at a discount in exchange for a review.

Product Spotlight


I had the opportunity to review the Tactical Credit Card by #survivalhax this week.  The Tactical Credit Card is one of those unique stocking stuffer kind of items.  When I heard the word credit card I thought it would be much thinner.  This bad boy definitely will not fit in your wallet, but it is thin enough to fit pretty much anywhere else without annoying you.   There are some pros and cons.

I’ll start with the cons

  • Couldn’t get the toothpick out
  • Tweezers are pretty weak sauce and would deter serve as a toothpick
  • Not sure what you’d use the paracord for since it’s so little


  • Whistle is random but fun
  • The knife and bottle opener are for sure the best and will be used the most.  The knife sharpener and fire starting rod are also pretty useful.
  • It’s also nice that the card comes with a magnifying glass, compass and ruler built in.

Overall, I think it makes a nice stocking stuffer. To see my video review click here.


Product Spotlight- Comfiy Mattress Protector

So I’ve been needing a new mattress cover for quite a while now.  The last one slightly melted in the dryer and had to go away. With three young kids 5 and under, a good waterproof mattress cover is essential. I’m really tired of scrubbing mattresses after one of the midgets have wrecked their havoc.

13958016_10154278263301043_7076601208594733473_oAnyways, I received an awesome waterproof mattress cover from #Comfiy in exchange for an honest review. As soon as it arrived I put it on my bed. It fit my matters and 2 inch memory foam topping just fine. No issues there. To test it out, I poured a small glass of water on the #Comfiy mattress protector. I had towels underneath of course. It passed. Woohoo.  The waterproof material underneath truly is is waterproof.  Click here to see a little video of a water test I did.

One annoying thing is that the protector makes noise when you move. This can be difficult if you are a light sleeper.  Luckily, I am not. Again, 3 kids 5 and under plus being a teacher will do that to you.  Also, depending on the sheets you have, they may slip off the cover. Mine did at the top corner and they are the soft slippery-type sheets. Nevertheless, I’m happy I gave this on my bed and feel a little more at ease letting the mights jump in bed with me.



Move’n On Up

Hello all!

I just wanted to say thank you for your support.  I’m proud to say that I’m back from my hiatus and will be writing on the regular at 

I’ve spent some time putting the site together and am looking forward to writing more.  I hope you like it and will subscribe.

And again, thank you for your support.


Courtney Kistemann



Featured Product: AYL Soundfit Plus Speakers


In the past few weeks I’ve received several products to review.  The AYL SoundFit Plus Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker is my favorite!

Such freak’n awesome #AYLSPEAKERS. We spent the past few days outside bbqing, slip ‘n slidding, and relaxing with family.  These speakers proved their worth.  I put Pandora on my cell phone and connected it via bluetooth.  It could be heard all the way across the yard and I mean far; they have some acreage!  The volume is great and the sound is crystal clear.  It connects quickly too. A good and bad is that you can take calls from it.  It’s a nice feature but not when everyone and their mom is around to listen. But hey that’s easy to fix.  All in all it’s pretty awesome. Seriously, these are some quality speakers.  They are waterproof, light, holds a charge for 12 hours, has a range of 33 feet….AND A MANUFACTURER’S LIFETIME WARRANTY! Yes, please.

I’m stoked I got them for free in exchange for a review.  I love doing reviews.  It’s the best hobby!

This Week’s Reviews

I really enjoy being a product reviewer and influencer.  It’s a fun hobby and I get cool products at a discount or free.  Recently I’ve had the opportunity to purchase two products at a discount in exchange for a review.  Both rock!

13296112_10154059133851043_293862481_nI have leather couches and young children.  I want to keep the couches looking good so I’m pretty excited about this first product-  Leather Cleaner & Restorer.  Technically it can also be used on shoes, leather jackets, purses, belts, car interior…pretty much anything made of leather.  I mostly care about using it on my couch every quarter.

Before kids I could care less about #LeatherCare.  Now, I do.  I’m a fan of this particular brand because it is non-toxic.  Much needed for someone like myself with kids and a dog.  The restorer works great and makes the couch look shiny and like new.  I will admit though it takes time because of the pre-conditioning treatment.  Prior to using the product you have to clean/wipe down the couch with a mild soap and warm water then let it dry.  Once it’s dry you can apply the conditioner on the sponger and go full on Mr. Miagi. After, wait for an hour then use a dry cloth to rub/soak up excess conditioner.  That’s it.  I’m one happy camper.


I also purchased the #Meago Car Charger after a long road trip with not enough chargers.  Between that road trip and my husband’s constantly stealing and losing my car chargers, I was over due for a new one.  I’m a fan of it.  It works, isn’t too big and has two ports.  No more taking turns charging phones.

This is why I love reviewing products.  I get awesome products that are so helpful and needed as well as give insight to others.

Message or email me if you want to learn more about these products or becoming a reviewer.  BTW- I am in no way affiliated with either company.



Damn You Frozen!


This is me every freak’n morning.

Dang kids wake up at the crack of dawn thanks to the stink’n California sun.  Sarah has literally used the quote “The Sky’s awake so I’m awake.”

Is it bad to punch a 4 year old?

And Evan..he is no better.

Jonny and I are so done with the early morning wake up calls.  So when I was given the opportunity to purchase these #LuxuryHomesBlackouts ones at a discount in exchange for a honest review, I was like “HELL YA!”

I love them. They are the softest material and they do the job. I love the length and the tie backs that come with them. My favorite feature besides the vibrant color is that they can be hung two different ways (tab or rod).  I totally recommend them!

Here’s to not strangling my kids in the wee hours of the morning.


Now if only I could magically make the extra large furniture disappear 😉

Ain’t Nobody Got Time For That


Ok, so Little Miss is turning 5 in a week and a half.

And as much as I’d love to be that Pinterest mom that has perfectly done hair and nails and throws the most on point thematic party down to the T; including snacks, parties favors, etc….

I am not her!

I’m the messy bun mom, wearing morning breakfast left overs and trying to keep the baby  from being smothered by his sister’s “loving” embrace or flattened by the older brother who thinks he’s a WWF wrestler.

My sister Lindsay is a freak’n rockstar when it comes to this kind of thign.  She puts Pinterest to shame.  Me…ya I like to compare myself to Cliff Notes.

You know -that compact yellow holy bible for high schoolers that allows you to look and sound like your awesome and know everything without really having to read the entire novel or do all the critical thinking.

Yup…I’m Cliff Notes.

If you are like me- meaning you like cutesy, artsy fartsy stuff but are super busy with other kids, life and attempting to maintain your sanity then I recommend the doing what I do.  Choose a few key items to match the theme then let everything else go.  I like to select the most visible things, like the cake.

So, for Sarah’s upcoming party I’m doing a mermaid theme party. I’m focusing on the cake, main activity (pool party) and gifts.

Again, don’t overwhelm yourself.  Check out what I’ve got planned, take notes, and do your best.

Thematic cake– purchased or hand made.  I’m doing Ariel pull apart cupcakes.  Here’s my first trial run.  My next mermaid will be much less busty.  I got a little carried away with the frosting.  Hehe.


Oceanic Face Painting

I purchased a face painting kit from #AvaandFrankPaints.  The face and body paint palette is vegan, non-toxic, comes with 3 brushes, 2 sponges and 16 colors including gold and silver. The colors are beautiful and come off easily with water.

My kids love getting their face painted and both my hubby and I like drawing so it’s a win all around. Personally, I think it’s awesome paint. The paint is non toxic, nut-free, paraben-free, fragrance-free, lead-free, lanolin-free, gluten free, hypo-allergenic, vegan, cruelty-free, FDA compliant and tested by US PHD cosmeticians. It’s going to be a smash.  Seriously it’s the best.  I’m going to have so much fun with it.  I’m so happy I got to purchase it at a discount in exchange for a review. The kids are going to love it at the party!

Activity– Swimming…that’s pretty mermaidy… right? I mean what kids doesn’t love swimming.  Sarah is a freak’n rockstar and basically taught herself how to swim.

Mermaid Gifts

I found an app that I love called Wish.  I call it my Chinese Amazon.  The prices are totally cheap and cute.  It takes  a while to ship though.  Give it a month at least.  I’m kind of obsessed with it.  Anyways, while doing Christmas shopping last year I went ahead and got Sarah’s Birthday stuff.  I’m so excited to give them to her.  Here’s a sneak peak.

With everything else I’m taking it easy.  There will be outdoor games and a painting station that children can go to whenever they feel like it.

No organized games here.  I’m not that mom.

But you know what…that’s ok.  Kids like Cliff Notes.  It’s true.  Kids are happy just being around other kids. Why stress myself out.  I will get to relax and talk to their parents. and the party will have the overall appearance of Pinterest greatness.

Maybe for added measure, I’ll put out some Goldfish crackers.

We’ll see.

Sarah’s party may not be the most flashy and beautifully thematic party but I know my daughter is going to love it and I’m going to have a good time.

And you know what..that is all that matters.

Drooling In Style

So I’m kind of obsessed with Bandana Drooling Bibs.  There are so many out there.  I had the opportunity to review two awesome products.  The first is  Unisex Baby Bandana Bibs Variety 4-Pack with Snaps by #babybmore.  The second is Baffle Baby Bandana Drool Bibs with Snaps by #bafflebibs.  The third is #Zoozik Baby Bandana Drool Bibs.

I received all three sets of bibs at a discount in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own.  I am not affiliated with any of the companies in anyway though I wouldn’t mind it. hehe.


Like I said I’m a fan of baby bandana bibs.  I’ve seen some made well and others not so much.  With this round of testing all three proved to be the later- awesome!

     Baby B More   vs        Baffle           vs        Zoozik

12998405_10153972083351043_62328340082800462_o  13078374_10153990048281043_985220510_o  13442535_10154125452526043_4671132733902022654_o

In a side by side comparison- they are all winners. It truly depends on what style /design you are going for.  All are

  • Super cute and trendy (though I must be honest and say the fox bib is my absolute favorite)
  • Well designed with nickel free snaps (as opposed to velcro)
  • Nicely stitched (double to be exact)
  • Adjustable (two different sizes) so they work for different ages
  • Soft (front layer is made of cotton and the back layer is polyester fleece).
  • Absorbent (great for parents of drooling littles)

Baby B More and Baffle win in the gender neutral category (working for both boys and girls)

Baby B More bibs are listed on Amazon at $27.99 but they go on sale a lot at great discounts. Baffle bibs sell for $29.99 are currently are on sale.  These are one of my go-to baby gift items. Zoozik bibs run $24.95 but go on sale often. Right now that are selling for $18.

So there you have it…some super great products with a few dollars difference.  All are super cute, absorbent, well made and unisex.